A couple had a 'Trump themed' wedding and it is as bad as it sounds

A couple had a 'Trump themed' wedding and it is as bad as it sounds

As the new Mrs Johnson clutched the rifle to her white dress, ‘till death do us part never looked deadlier.

Guests peered past the brim of their uniform red MAGA hats at the pro-life petitions scattered on their dinner tables, perhaps checking their phones to watch Donald Trump deliver his Fourth of July rally speech 700 miles away in Washington DC.

“It looked like America threw up all over my wedding” the gushing bride would later tell her local Fox TV outlet.

Welcome to the “Make America Great Again”-themed wedding you wish you’d never heard of.

Audra and Jeff Johnson were happily married on 4 July 2019 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and decided to use the occasion to show their love for the US president.

Ms Johnson's dress was emblazoned with the unmistakeable words "Make America Great Again", designed by "reality TV star" Andre Soriano.

Documenting the occasion on Instagram, the bride used the hashtag #MAGAPatriotWedding, also peppering photos with #RealFeminism and #MichiganLibertyMilitia.

The latter shows previous pictures of her with the group attending armed sit-ins to advocate against abortion. She told FOX 17:

Because we are such a mixed family – he’s African American, I’m Philippino – I thought it was really important to show people that the stereotype…Trump supporters are racist…is wrong.

Unfortunately, not all of their family agreed.

Mr Johnson's father "refused to come", while Ms Johnson's brother has "disowned" her over her views.

It remains to be seen if Mr Trump is aware of the event, but given that he's apparently still reeling over the power invested in him as president, perhaps it's best he doesn't find out he came close to being the divine authority at a wedding.

Those who are aware are having no shortage of fun with the news.

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