What happens when you ask Zach Galifianakis about his weight loss

Comedian, proud owner of the best beard in America and host of Behind Two Ferns Zach Galifianakis has lost some weight recently.

This is what happened when a reporter from E! asked him about it.

The full, marvellous exchange, which you can watch here, went:

Reporter: "Did you change what you eat, start going to the gym?"

Galifianakis: "No, I'm just... I'm dying."

Reporter [points to suit]: "But you look good. That suits you very well."

Galifianakis: "Thank you, it's a ladies' [size] 50."

As he told Jimmy Fallon while recounting the incident: "I live for the [red] carpet.

"There's excitement and you kind of have to feign this excitement. And then you have to answer questions that, I find, the questions are boring. So I try to liven it up a bit."

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