Woman shares what happens after her boyfriend accidentally left her behind during a road trip


You know what’s fun? Road trips. You know what’s not so fun? Being left behind whilst on one.

That’s exactly what happened to one unlucky girlfriend who had been left behind at a gas station after her boyfriend inadvertently drove away after she went to the loo and she went to the toilet.

The woman shared what turned out to be a hilarious story about her summer on the subreddit Today I F***ed Up.

She began:

Last summer. We're on a road trip from New Mexico to Mexico. We have a Honda Element converted for living in, so I crawl in the back to nap while he's driving.

He stops at a gas station in the desert of Arizona and while he's pumping, I get out to use the bathroom. Come back out, don't see him, and walk around the parking lot to have a look.

I jokingly think to myself that maybe he drove off not knowing that i got out to use the restroom, but brush that off.

I sit on a bench outside twiddling my thumbs, realizing [sic] this may now actually be the case. I reach for my phone to call him, but of course my phone is in the car.

The woman returned inside and tried to get a phone, which turned out to be a rather difficult thing to do…

I go back inside to ask the cashier to use their phone, but she says they don't have one. Obviously they do, but whatever.

So I start asking random people in the store to use their phone, which makes people visibly uncomfortable because we're in the middle of nowhere and they think I'll steal it I guess.

I go back outside and continue asking strangers for their phone. I realize [sic] I don't know my boyfriends [sic] number by heart so I just call my phone repeatedly, hoping he'll answer.

He doesn't. I use one person's phone to log into my facebook to find my boyfriend's number, but alas, his phone is dead when I call.

I resort to explaining to everyone whose phone I ask to use my situation. Some don't believe me, others feel really bad, and one man offered to buy me a hotel room for the night in the next town over thinking that my boyfriend left me on purpose and I was just being modest. It's been about 2 hours now.

The store clerks through the windows have been looking at me suspiciously for a while, I'm still sitting on this bench in the desert, and have no idea what to do and start bawling my eyes out.

And then a police car showed up.

A cop car pulls up and the officer comes to me and lets me know the store clerks called them because ive been loitering, haggling people for phones outside of their store and crying.

I explain my situation and shes as confused and sympathetic as all the other people. She tells me I can't stay there so she can either take me to a truck rest stop in the town over or go to the police station.

I ask her to take me to the rest stop, although shes not convinced that my boyfriend legitimately left me there on accident. We're driving down the highway when on her radio another cop says he's at the gas station and there's a guy there looking for his girlfriend.

I just crack up and she does too, flips the car around and takes me back. And there my boyfriend is standing outside of his car, banging on the windows and nearly crying because he couldn't believe he'd actually done that.

And her boyfriend? Well, he had been enjoying the scenery.

He said he was passing some really cool scenery far into the drive and went to wake me up to see too when he realized [sic] I wasn't in the car, flipped it around and drove faster than he's ever driven in his life to get back to the gas station.

And that he wondered why so many people kept calling me, but didnt feel comfortable answering my phone. He thought for sure that was the end of our relationship and the trip was ruined.

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