<p>Katie got her bun photoshopped out of her passport photo</p>

Katie got her bun photoshopped out of her passport photo


Noone likes the way they look in their passport photo. The lighting is bad, the background is far from inspiring and you only have a few attempts to get it right.

And, of course, the facial expression you are legally mandated to pull makes you look miserable.

Now it seems that even our hairstyle could be a problem, as one TikTok user found.

A woman called Katie was left in hysterics when she received her passport picture back – and her bun had been edited out, leaving her looking like a different person.

Katie had piled her hair on top of her head for the image, but it appears the passport office didn’t like it. And, rather than suggest she take it again, they just removed the bun fro the image.

Posting a picture on TikTok, she wrote: “Wore a bun to get my passport pictures but they said it was too big so they just had to cut it off.”

People in the comments also found it hilarious.

One user commented: “Went from Katie to Kyle.”

Another piped up: “Not me thinking they cut your hair off.”

A third wondered if a bun was really the best option for a ten year document: “Why would you wear a bun for a picture that’s going to last at least ten years.”

However, her video led her to believe she wasn’t alone: “LMAO girl! Mine looks the same.”

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