The European countries with the highest proportion of births outside of marriage, mapped

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Monday 04 December 2017 13:00

This is where birth in wedlock is on the decline.

A user on the subreddit MapPorn has created a map of live births outside of marriage, by European country.

The data appears to come from a 2013 release by Eurostat, which stated that four out of 10 births are outside of marriage in the EU 28.

This was up from the 2000 statistic, of 27.3 per cent.

The countries with the highest percentage of live births outside of marriage was Bulgaria (59.1 per cent), Estonia (58.4 per cent), and Slovenia (58.0 per cent).

Nations with the lowest percentages were Greece (7.0 per cent), Croatia (16.1 per cent), and, Cyprus (18.6 per cent).

In the UK, 47.6 per cent of children were born outside of marriages in 2012.

According to the same data, the fertility rate of the EU 28 was 1.6.

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