The 15 most annoying words you're using

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Sunday 25 September 2016 11:00
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We all have them: pet peeves about the overuse (or misuse) of certain words.

Like saying ‘lol’ out loud. Or 'banter'.

These are both completely unacceptable if non-ironic

A recent thread on reddit aked users to list some of the most annoying words that have become regular fixtures in the English language.

Some are barbaric, some are perhaps a little controversial (if you like that sort of thing).

Here's a brief rundown of the words you should instantly cull from your vocabulary:

1. Moist

I know a lot of people hate word moist. I get annoyed when other people get upset about using the word. Like, how am I supposed to describe my cake? Damp? Soggy?

- sparkle_bomb

2. Epic


So epic that nothing is epic anymore.


3. People

‘People are loving this new way to do eyeliner’, ‘This kitten is so cute and people can't get over it’, ‘People have lots of opinions about this political scandal’, etc. Why? Whyyyy


4. Bias

Bias and prejudice used as adjectives instead of nouns.

‘That's so bias’.

No, it's biased


5. Minion

The term minion seemed diabolical and sinister for the longest time. It sounded like you were being controlled by a ruthless master against your whim.

Then those happy meal toy wh--es swooped in and became the best-selling advertisement to hit theatres.


6. Irregardless

Irregardless bothers the hell out of me.


7. Feels

‘Right in the feels’

F--k you and your mother. Your ability to feel emotions is not a goddamn organ.


8. Preggers

I hate this word, and any other ‘cutesy’ word for pregnant. You're presumably old enough, at least physically, to carry and birth a child. Be the adult I'm assuming you are and just say ‘pregnant’. I can't stand going on social media and reading all about how ‘hubby’ massaged your feet because you're too ‘preggers’ with a ‘tiny human’ to reach them yourself.


9. Ironic

When people use it, the things they are talking about aren't even examples of irony. :| It's like raaaaaain on your wedding day.


10. Literally

You just fell off your bike. You didn't ‘literally eat s---’ ya dope.


11. Bae

‘[X thing] is bae.’ No. No it isn't.


12. Slay

The absolute worst. It needs to go away.


13. Fleek

Fleek, to me, sounds like it should be a word for crusty stuff around someone's mouth.


14. Banter

Schrodinger's a--hole: If he makes an offensive statement and nobody calls him on it, it stands. If someone calls him on it, 'Chill out man, it was just a joke.'. My brother does this and it makes me want to punch him in his f---ing face.


15. Ayyy

‘Ayyy’ needs to f---ing stop yesterday.

You're not in a f---ing Atlanta rap video you're commenting about some s--t on the internet.

Any time I get too riled up I try to imagine this is how people felt when my wave of slang came to be.

- -ThatsNotCool-​

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