Elon Musk's latest Twitter change is killing the best accounts

Elon Musk's latest Twitter change is killing the best accounts
Elon Musk Wants Twitter Payments System to Integrate Crypto: FT

Why give away something for free when you can charge for it?

That seems to be the new motto at Twitter since Elon Musk has begun implementing paid features like Twitter verification, subscriber-only spaces, exclusive tweets, and more.

Now add Twitter’s application programming interface (API) to that list.

API is software that allows two computer programs to communicate with each other. When implemented, it allows third parties to access data public data.

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API is what gives Twitter bots like Random Restuarant, screenshot bot Pikaso, alt Text reader, New New York Times, and more the ability to autonomously tweet.

But on Thursday, Twitter announced it will be implementing a paywall for Twitter data starting February 9th.

“Twitter data are among the world’s most powerful data sets. We’re committed to enabling fast & comprehensive access so you can continue to build with us,” TwitterDev wrote.

This means automated accounts would stop working next week unless the people behind the accounts pay for Twitter API.

Basic Twitter API is free-to-use for everyone however it only allows for 250 requests per month. Premium Twitter API costs anywhere from $149 to $2,499 depending on how many requests per month a person wants.

Several accounts, including @PossumEveryHour, @folklorebot, @SbFramesInOrder, and more indicated their accounts would stop running on February 9th due to the changes.

Twitter users expressed anger over the change and criticised the new payment tier.

"Rip" and sad emojis filled the replies of people's favorite automated accounts.

The tiered payment system seems to be a reflection of Musk's efforts to make Twitter profitable. In the last four months, Musk laid off more than half of Twitter's staff, stopped paying rent on spaces, and sold off furniture.

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