Elden Ring players stunned by just how hard Shadow of the Erdtree is

Elden Ring players stunned by just how hard Shadow of the Erdtree is
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Elden Ring players who have been playing through the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC are stunned by just how hard it is.

Elden Ring released in 2022 to widespread critical acclaim and it's been the same story with the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, which has become the highest rated DLC of all time, out June 21.

While the game is arguably easier than some of FromSoftware's Souls games, which are notorious for being really difficult, it's still not for those who get frustrated at not being able to beat bosses at the first time of asking.

And it seems the only DLC for the game has gone back to the Souls game roots of being really hard to beat.

A number of players took to social media to share their shock at just how difficult it is.

The DLC has since been review bombed on Steam by a number of players who claim the game is too difficult.

Bandai Namco, the publisher of the game, has responded to this by giving players a "suggestion" on social media.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game director of Elden Ring, said making the game any easier "would break it".

Twitch's most subscribed streamer Kai Cenat has confirmed he will be doing another marathon stream, this time of Shadow of the Erdtree starting the day it releases.

Elden Ring is still not the "ideal fantasy RPG" that Miyazaki is yearning for and when asked what would be, he teased "it's hard to say without giving spoilers for my next idea or our next games".

Some of those who have had early access to Shadow of the Erdtree posted spoilers online, with developers FromSoftware warning its community about them if they wanted to play the expansion spoiler-free.

There seems to have been more of these since the expansion released to all.

A number of requirements need to be fulfilled before players can access the Shadow of the Erdtree - one of those is to beat an optional boss called Mohg, Lord of Blood; check out our guide of how to beat the boss if you're stuck.

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