Cute TikTok made by group of old gay men inspires younger generation: ‘Y’all give me so much hope’

A group called “Old Gays” put together the sweetest video as an ad for Shake Shack’s new Pride shake, and their fans are loving it.

“When I was growing up, my father was always trying to out me. Well, here I am,” the video opens. “Free, proud, and gay as be.”

“Omg I am crying,” wrote one user after watching the ad. “This is so beautful thank y’all for sharing!"


The ad is for the June special shakes, and features the four men, all betwen 50 and 80, talking about coming out.

The TikTok shows old photos of the Old Gays’ parents, as well as themselves in their youth. They tell stories about being nervous to come out - but ultimately encouraged and celebrated by their parents.


It ends with the four men enjoying their shakes while declaring themselves “unshakeable.” They also note that proceeds of the summer treat will be donated to the Trevor Project.

“Y’all give me so much hope,” one user wrote on the ad.


The TikTok group has gained a huge following for their tales of being old and gay, leading to the Shake Shack partnership. Fans are leaving comments expressing gratitude for their shared stories.

“Me crying with y’all,” wrote user Monica.

"Y’all all looked so good as teens omg,” wrote Jasmine Wallace.

In a press release,  Idris Stover, Shake Shack’s director of Diversiy, Equity, and Inclusion, said “Shake Shack seeks to support and create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ employees and communities at a time when hatred against marginalized groups continues to escalate in this country.”

“This past year was challenging, but we want everyone to know that we’re here and ready to bring the energy, love and iconic shakes back for Pride this year,” the press release says.

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