The 6 tips to help you get through airport security faster, according to an expert

Queue for Gatwick airport Wetherspoons stretches across departure lounge amid delays

Over the last month, many reports have emerged that depict the chaos at some of the UK's largest airports due to staff member shortages and absences as a result of Covid-19.

This has essentially caused massive lines for people attempting to pass through security as they seek to voyage out for their holidays.

Heathrow,Birmingham and Manchester are among the airports affected by understaffing.

One passenger has even reportedly arrived a whole 13 hours before his flight to avoid the troubles of delays.

So what is exactly the best way to prevent any hurdles prior to your next trip?

Charles Stewart, the Managing Directorat eurochange, the leading foreign exchange provider, has lent his advice on how to speed up this time.

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1) Figure out what the carry-on limit is and separate your liquids

Stewart believes it is always helpful to look into the airport's security measures ahead of time so that you don't unintentionally bring something that isn't permitted as you go through security.

"Often, liquids and aerosols in your carry-on bag need to be kept to under 100ml, this includes deodorant, cosmetics, perfumes, and even water, and they must be transferred into a sealable clear bag," he said.

Stewart also suggests separating the liquids into a small travel bag for easy access once you get ot security.

2) Properly prepare your clothing and accessories for the flight

Stewart suggests that wearing things such as "belts, watches, clothing with metal hardware and jewellery" are things that you will be told to take off before you go through metal detectors. So to decrease the amount of time it would take to pass through security, he suggests keeping your belongings in a carry-on bag or cabin.

"Not only that, if you're wearing a heavy coat or shoes with thick soles, you'll likely be told to take them off. So if you can, try to wear practical footwear that can either easily slip off or doesn't have large platform soles," he added.

3) Have your boarding pass in an easy to get to spot

"Modern technology has made the check-in processeasier than ever, as you can now pass through the gates using your smartphone. Downloading your boarding pass and adding it to the virtual wallet on your smartphone is one of the easiest ways to save time at the airport," he said.

Stewart also suggests having your phone well charged and carrying a charger so you can charge your phone at the airport.


4) Check in your baggage well before the flight

"Most airlines open their cabin baggage check-in around two hours before the flight is scheduled to depart, leaving plenty of time for you to get through security and board your flight," he said.

He added: "Some airlines will provide the option to check in your cabin bag the day prior to your departure, an option which could help to relieve your stress on the day!"

5) Plan the best route to the airport

If you hadn't travelled since before the pandemic struck, Stewart said that "you might have forgotten how to get to the airport."

To combat that, he suggests planning out your route before it's time for you to go and keeping your eyes peeled for travel updates that could tack on time to the journey.

6) Be sure to purchase any travel money in advance

Stewart recommends this to help "avoid expensive rates from providers at the airport."

To learn more, visit eurochange's website here.

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