What are beige flags? The dating trend that means you are too boring to date

Jana Hocking on why 'beige flags' are the new dating trend to ...
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There's no denying dating can be complicated – and just as we've become familiar with red flags, there's now a rainbow of colours added to the mix.

There are green flags (positive indicators the relationship is compatible), pink flags (minor issues or relationship concerns that should be monitored) – and now beige flags.

Coined by Caitlin MacPhail, beige flags essentially outline a dull, uninteresting person with a generic dating profile that gives the impression they can't be bothered.

Typical examples include using puppy photos (that don't belong to them) as a substitute to cover up for lack of personality, one-word responses or making the love of coffee your quirk.

Beige flags are completely subjective, as everyone has different interests and relationship ideals.

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"If someone has a lot of beige flags on their profile, you’ll probably get to the end of it without having really learnt anything about them," Caitlin told Mashable.

"Something about whether chocolate belongs in the fridge or the cupboard, them saying that they’ll probably love their dog more than you, or lots of gym selfies and references to the gym are typical beige flags," she continued.

In a viral clip that racked up over half a million views, Caitlin outlined her top beige flags – and if you're into any mainstream sitcoms, you might want to sit this one out.


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Caitlin's "beige flags" has become such a TikTok phenomenon that she now regularly reviews dating profiles in a game called "R U BEIGE??"

She disclaimed: "Everyone sends their own profiles to me, so I'm not just picking up any randoms off the internet – just so you know."

The concept is simple, three beige flag strikes, and you're out.

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