What’s the best time of the day to submit a job application? Experts reveal all

One of the most frustrating aspects of job hunting is how little you know about the recruiting process, and how everything appears to be out of your hands.

However, some recruiting experts suggest when you decide to submit a job application can have a significant impact on your chances.

indy100  spoke to HR and recruiting experts that talked about one of the few factors that remain in our control when applying to jobs in the market - when to apply.

What time of day is the best?

“The early bird gets the worm in terms of applicants getting more responses. Studies show that the best time to apply for a job is between 6am-10 am,” said Davina Ware, Career Coach and Founder of Upwardly Paved Path Career Coaching.

Davina Ware, Career Coach and Founder of Upwardly Paved Path Career Coaching.Davina Ware, Career Coach and Founder of Upwardly Paved Path Career Coaching.Photo courtesy of Davina Ware

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A TalentWorks study also noted that submitting your application early in the morning increases the chances of receiving an interview by 13 per cent.

Very late at night will also allow us to stand out from the crowd. Being seen first may not seem like much in the overall scheme of things, but it is a significant advantage when so many people apply for the same position.

When combined with the appropriate employment experience, it might be a deciding factor in landing a job interview.

So, what time is the worst to apply for a job?

Although it varies from industry to industry, the end of the day is the worst.

And definitely no Fridays.

“The end of [the] day, and especially on Friday, in my experience, is usually not a good idea. People are more likely to leave work early on Friday, which could mean your application gets passed over or it isn’t even seen,” said Rolf Bax, chief human resources officer at

 Rolf Bax, Chief Human Resources Officer at Rolf Bax, Chief Human Resources Officer at Resume.ioPhoto courtesy of Rolf Bax

Thalia Toha, a professional development strategist and CEO of Good Grow Great, believes that it’s in the 9am to 11am bracket when many employers are involved in meetings.

Thalia Toha, professional development strategist and CEO of Good Grow Great.Thalia Toha, professional development strategist and CEO of Good Grow Great.Photo courtesy of Thalia Toha

“This is when busy hiring managers are booked in meetings and going about their day. If you do manage to get noticed in their Inbox, it’s not uncommon for them to open it and then forget about it because they have to run to a meeting or go about their day,” Toha said.

On the other hand, Joe Flanagan, the Senior Employment Advisor at VelvetJobs, suggests “that timing is everything,” and midday is not the best time to send over an application.

Joe Flanagan, the Senior Employment Advisor at VelvetJobs.Joe Flanagan, the Senior Employment Advisor at VelvetJobs.Photo courtesy of Joe Flanagan

“When sending a job application, timings matter. Sending an email when it will likely disappear amidst others is not advisable. These times are between 10 am - 2 pm, and therefore the worst times to send a job application,” he said.

The TalentWorks study also suggested that 7.30pm, when most workdays days are over, candidates had less than a 3 per cent chance of receiving a call back from a potential employer.

Now that you have the best and worst times of day to submit a resume, how can you ensure that your resume stands out?

Jamie Hickey, the Human Resources specialist at Coffee Semantics, believes it’s great to have a story to “illustrate what you’re passionate about.”

Jamie Hickey, Human Resources Specialist at Coffee Semantics.Jamie Hickey, Human Resources Specialist at Coffee Semantics.Photo courtesy of Jamie Hickey

“It would be helpful to have a story you can illustrate what you’re passionate about and then link that story into your answer. Be succinct with how you frame a response to a question without being too wordy or going off on tangents. A strong opening makes an impression, so try not to waste it on unnecessary information describing what LinkedIn is,” he said.

He also noted that you should not only list skills but explain how they would be helpful to the “company’s needs” as well as “one personal anecdote demonstrating expertise outside of the office.”

The quicker you apply for the job, the better your chances will be. If the job advertisement has been on the website for more than a month, the manager is bound to have a pool of qualified candidates vying for the position.

Although the hiring process is never easy, one benefit that the internet has provided us with is the simplicity with which we can access job ads. And, while it may appear like job competition is intense right now, you can try to stand out in any manner you can.

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