Maths experts have worked out the conditions men need to climax during sex

Maths experts have worked out the conditions men need to climax during sex
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There’s an actual formula defining the perfect conditions for men to achieve climax during sex, according to new research.

Mathematicians from the University of Sussex have studied the combinations of physical arousal and mental stimulation and claim to have cracked the code.

According to Dr Konstantin Blyuss and Dr Yuliya Kyrychko of the University of Sussex, the key is avoiding too much mental stimulation too early in the process.

Their findings suggest that ‘overthinking’ and avoiding overstimulation is key to achieving the right conditions.

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The researchers claim that practical uses for the findings could include the treatment of sexual problems, such as the inability to get and maintain an erection and low sexual desire. Recent figures suggest erectile problems affect one in five men in the UK.


Dr Kyrychko said: “Our findings shed light on a socially taboo subject, which we believe could have useful applications for the clinical treatment of sexual dysfunction, as well as for providing the general public with a tested formula for improving their sex life.

“With what we have learned from this study, we intend to mathematically model the female sexual response, which is physiologically – and mathematically – more complex than the male response.”

The research focused on two different forms of arousal, with both mental and physical aspects considered while creating their formulas.

Dr Blyuss, who is a reader in mathematics at the University of Sussex School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and co-lead author, said: “Drawing on established data, as well as our own previously published work on modelling biological phenomena such as epidemiology and immunity, we have developed the first successful mathematical model of sexual performance.

“Our results cover the physiological and psychological aspects required to reach climax. They reinforce, and mathematically prove, existing studies into the psychology of sex. A key finding is that too much psychological arousal early in the process can inhibit the chance of reaching climax.

“Simply put, our findings can be summarised as ‘don’t overthink it’.”

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