‘Hardballing’ is the dating trend that all single people need to be aware of

‘Hardballing’ is the dating trend that all single people need to be aware of

A new dating trend has emerged and it is pretty brutal.

‘Hardballing’, which has been made popular by Gen Z, involves being blunt and making expectations from a relationship clear from the start and disregarding anyone who doesn’t match those expectations.

Sex and dating expert Jana Hocking, wrote about the trend for, and while she admitted it made her feel equal parts “very old” and “scared to give it a go” she said it was important to make expectations clear with someone you are dating in your first conversation.

She said: “They may tell you that they are just looking for something casual, or they may tell you they are actually looking for their special someone as well.

“It’s straight to the point and will help avoid any tricky ‘what are we’ confusion later down the track.

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“And if a conversation like that does scare them off, well then clearly, they weren’t for you anyway. Count it as a blessing.”

Meanwhile, matchmaker Susan Trombetti, CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, told InStyle the key is to date several people at once in case your values don’t align so you always have options.

She says: “Date several people at once in the beginning so that you are confident that this person offers you what you are looking for.

“Have options; don’t just zero in one person and project your wants on them.”

Hardballing isn’t the only dating trend to emerge over the last few years. We’ve probably all heard of ‘ghosting’ when people disappear rather than let the person they’ve been seeing that they are no longer interested.

Then there’s ‘breadcrumbing’ - when people offer crumbs of hope because they don’t know how to let people down.

With hardballing though, it sounds like Generation Z know what they want and they are not afraid to ask for it. It’s just a shame they hate skinny jeans so much.

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