"I caught my husband watching porn - now I'm warning others of this hidden addiction"

"I caught my husband watching porn - now I'm warning others of this hidden addiction"
Woman warns others after learning her husband had a porn addiction

A woman has shared the shocking ordeal suffered after finding out about her husband's porn addiction – and claims it nearly broke up their marriage.

When Jourdan Kehr felt the urge to scroll through her husband's phone, she didn't expect of find an old video of two people having sex open on his screen.

Feeling horrified, the mum-of-two, aged five and one, demanded answers from her spouse of nine years, who quickly owned up to his addiction.

While he's now in the process of seeking help for his habit, Jourdan, aged 29, has shared her story in a bid to warn others about the hidden secrets husbands may be keeping from their wives.

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"I couldn't stop shaking and I felt like my soul had left my body," the photographer, from West Virgina, US, told

"I didn't know how to go on and I didn't know how it was possible for any human to survive being in this much pain – it made me physically ill for months.

"It was truly unbearable."

Jam Press/@beyondbetrayal

While she believes it natural for people to find others attractive, Jourdan says that it's "unfaithful" to actively lust after another person or fantasise about them in a sexual manner.

Jourdan’s husband started to watch porn as a teenager and his addiction worsened when he started to rely on porn as a coping mechanism for increased stress.

At first, his porn addiction was characterised with a few times per week, jumping to daily and then occasionally, twice-a-day.

As he promised her to stop, in a bid to prevent a dependancy on porn, the revelation came as a shocking blow and now, the pair's relationship has taken a significant toll.

She said: "I've lost all faith in our marriage, as it's something I had never experienced before.

"Even though he never thought it was a major issue, it was turning him into an unkind, callous person, which destroyed our family.

"At first, I had very little hope that we'd make it, but we spent many hours discussing our past, present and our future.

"He suffered a lot of guilt coming out of the porn addiction fog he had been living in for over a decade.

"In the process, he lost two jobs and we've both lost weight as we hadn't been eating or sleeping well.

"But at the same time, discovering the addiction made everything make perfect sense, such as all of the unanswered questions or intuitions I ignored in our relationship."

Now, five months on, after copious sessions with therapists, support groups and sexaholics anonymous, the couple are now in a much better place.

In a bid to warn others of the signs of porn addiction, Jourdan spoke about her ordeal on TikTok, where she has racked up 312,000 views and 29,000 likes.

In the clip, she beings with claiming that watching porn is "cheating" alongside lusting over other women online.

While it's not physical, Jourdan says that the intention is there and if most men had the chance, then they would.

She ends with saying: "Literally grow up please. You're cheating on her, you're gaslighting her and you're manipulating her."

Users flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many disagreeing with her statements.

"This is valid for you. But every relationship set their own boundaries," one user said.

Another user added: "Watching porn is cheating?!?! On what planet do you live?"

"So if I daydream a fantasy I'm cheating right? Because the intention is there hahah hope u never think of another guy," commented someone else. [sic]

Jam Press/@beyondbetrayal

Others, however, fully agreed with her points.


"Literally just had this conversation with him last night..thank you," added Olivia.

Jourdan added: "I believe most women live in the dark and are uniformed about porn addiction.

"I was blind to the signs and I knew something deeper was going on with him, but I had no idea it was porn.

"Many of our family and friends have been here, so most have been very supportive and loving.

"Some have distanced themselves, but I think it's because they don't know how to respond to something so taboo.

"I hope to heal from the betrayal trauma and for him to recover from his addiction for good, as I want to have a closer, more honest marriage.

"Porn addiction is incredibly common and it's virtually impossible for a man to view pornography regularly over the course of [their life] and not develop into an addiction.

"The porn industry is corrupt and I hope that with time, more men will wake up to the very real dangers of porn on their mind, body and relationships.

"Now, we check in with each other frequently and try to spend as much along time together as possible.

"I don't want to shame men or women for viewing pornography, but I want to shed light on how it harms us all."

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