This is why you should never order a cappuccino after lunch, according to Italians

This is why you should never order a cappuccino after lunch, according to Italians
Why You Should Not Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

Apparently most people are drinking their coffee completely wrong – and you’d better believe it, because it’s according to an Italian chef.

Italian coffee lover Nadia, who has more than two million followers on her Instagram account The Pasta Queen, had a message for followers in her latest video.

As an off-camera voice asked if she wants to have a cappuccino, she rolled her eyes and said: “No. It’s past 12.”

Italians don’t drink cappuccinos after midday, she explained, adding: “It’s a breakfast drink.”

“It's frothed milk! It’s good to awaken your senses before 10. If you really want to push it, 11. But not after 12.”

She adds that when you’re eating a meal, “you’ve got enough going on” in your mouth and your stomach.

“All you need is a quick espresso,” she said.

“It’s like an American having a hot dog for breakfast.”

However, some people seem not to appreciate being told when to drink their favourite coffee. Beneath the video some commenters were bewildered by the instruction.

One person said: “I ordered a cappuccino in Italy, the waiter said no.”

One viewer said: “I will continue to have my cappuccino morning, noon and night! I will especially continue to ask for a cappuccino after dinner when travelling in Italy just so I can p*** off the waiter.”

Another said: “I am Italian and know of this ‘rule’ yet it did not phase me… I still ordered my cappuccinos in the afternoon and watched several natives enjoying one as well… It’s just steamed milk with espresso? Not sure what the big deal is? I say drink what you want, when you want. Respectfully.”

However, others decided to trust the expert and sided with Nadia.

A person commented: “You underestimate the power of Americans having just about ANYTHING for breakfast including last night’s leftovers.”

It seems, as with most things food-related, the Italians know best.

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