TikToker shares how to spot you're being love-bombed

TikToker shares how to spot you're being love-bombed

Modern dating is a minefield. In fact, even after singletons meet someone who seems great from the outside, there’s plenty to be wary of.

Thankfully, TikTokers are putting out videos to help people out and give their best advice.

One thing that people need to be particularly careful of is ‘love-bombing’, which involves overloading partners with gifts, compliments and affection.

While that might sound great at first, it’s actually regarded as one of the most manipulative dating practices going.

Natalie Louise, a dating and relationship expert who posts videos on TikTok, has shared a video on how to spot if love-bombing is happening to you.


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“This is how you manipulate someone by love-bombing them. Do not use this strategy on anyone. I’m only telling you this so that you can become aware,” Louise said.

Speaking about her own experiences of being love-bombed, Louise said that the first stage it can occur is the date.

At this point, the person “wines and dines” you and finds out what the person sees in an ideal match, so they can “shapeshift into that partner”.

The next “twisted” stage involves the buying of extravagant gifts.

“These gifts are all things that you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, how did they know that I would want this’.”

After this point comes the suspect behaviour, where they begin to act “hot and cold”.

“Now that they know, ‘Well, I have you wrapped around my finger.’ That’s when they’re like, ‘I’m gonna use you now and see if this works,’” Louise said.

Dating is a minefield. Be careful out there…

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