True crime junkie creates 'in case I go missing' folder and people are concerned

True crime junkie creates 'in case I go missing' folder and people are concerned
Why Are People So Obsessed With True Crime?

While keeping a folder of your personal information like birth certificate, social security card, and passwords is encouraged - keeping a folder of your hair samples and fingerprints in case you're suddenly kidnapped is not.

True crime has become one of the most popular genres of podcasts, TV shows, movies, books, and more.

But some believe true crime lovers have taken it too far as one keepsake organization company is promoting an "in case I go missing folder."

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On TikTok, Savor, posted a video showing how they keep their binder updated, which includes plucking hair from the back of their head in case police need to identify them.

The "in case I go missing" binder has a section dedicated to hair samples as well as fingerprints, medical documents, dental records, passwords, online communities, and more.

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With over 4 million views, many people deemed Savor's "if I go missing" binder, unhealthy.

"The true crime genre and its consequences," a person commented on the video.

"Let me guess… you really like true crime podcasts," another commenter said.

"True crime fans have gone too far," a person wrote.

One TikToker who says they have a degree in criminology and forensic science said being obsessed with true crime to the point of preparing for your own kidnapping or murder is "insane and bad for your mental health."


#stitch with I do want to study these peoples’ brains #truecrime #incaseigomissing #criminology #forensics

The TikToker accused a certain group of people who are obsessed with true crime of being, "obsessed with being the victim of a violent crime."

Another TikToker named Emily mocked Savor's video by parodying the person plucking their hair for the folder.

Stitching the video, Emily joked, "hey guys today I chopped off my finger to add to my 'if I go missing' file."


#stitch with

Other people on TikTok and Twitter expressed similar notions, believing the behavior to be obsessive. Some compared it to doomsday preparers.



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