11 things much, much scarier than Halloween

11 things much, much scarier than Halloween


Youth unemployment rates in the European Union are at levels that can only be described as revolutionary. These are the worst affected countries.


According to Mind, one in four people in the UK experience a mental health problem every year, while depression affects one in 12 people in the country. Meanwhile, nine out of ten people with mental health problems will experience stigma and discrimination.

All told, mental health accounts for 28 per cent of the burden of disease, but receives just 13 per cent of the NHS budget.


There are 1.3million people in the UK providing more than 50 hours of care per week to loved ones or relatives, with 625,000 of these people suffering from mental and physical ill health as a result of the stress and demands.

One in five carers are forced to give up work altogether but the main carer's benefit stands at only £1.71 per hour, far short of the national minimum wage of £6.19 an hour.


Almost one in three (3.5million) children in the UK live in poverty, and 1.6million of these children are in severe poverty. Overall, 63 per cent of children living in poverty are from a family where at least one adult works.


The world's richest people earned $240billion (£143billion) in 2012 - enough to end extreme poverty four times over.

This graph shows the percentage increase in the income share of a country's richest one per cent since 1980.

(Picture: The World Top Incomes Database


Polling shows that Britons tend to overestimate the levels of almost anything, from immigration to teenage pregnancy rates. People in the UK think 16 per cent of girls aged 15-19 give birth every year (actual figure three per cent) and that 21 per cent of people in the UK are Muslim (actual figure five per cent).

Despite that, Britain is only ranked as the tenth most ignorant country in the world (of those surveyed).


The World Health Organisation has warned there could be up to 10,000 new Ebola cases every week by December if more isn't done to combat the epidemic. So far there have been more than 13,000 cases, most of them in west Africa. United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon has warned that "nothing less than the future of Africa is at stake" if Ebola isn't stopped.


Half of women in the UK say they have been physically or sexually assaulted, according to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. But official figures in the UK show that only one in every 30 rape cases ends with a prosecution.


Meanwhile, in Israel, a new policy could effectively ban Palestinians from riding buses with Israelis. Sound familiar at all?


In 1948 this was Australia's immigration policy:

Fast forward to the present day and this is what it has become:


Climate change scientist Professor Jason Box gave his assessment of the news earlier this year that methane plumes were escapaing from sea-floor of the Arctic Ocean.

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