A $5 million ‘Vax & Scratch’ lottery available for people who get vaccinations in New York

A $5 million ‘Vax & Scratch’ lottery available for people who get vaccinations in New York
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Do you live in New York State and need even more of an incentive to get the Covid-19 vaccine?

The state is launching a ‘Vax & Scratch’ lottery program that will give people scratch-off tickets for a $5 million mega multiplier lottery if they get the first dose of Pfizer, or the one -shot single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

The program was created to motivate more people to get the vaccination, winning $5 million. Governor Andrew Cuomo also announced that there are other cash prizes on offer to runner-ups.

In a press conference on Thursday, Cuomo noted that this program might not influence people who are against vaccines altogether. Still, it will help to encourage people who are hesitant to get the vaccine next week.

He also told reporters that for people who do not win the $5 million prize money, there is still a one-in-nine chance of winning money with the free ticket valued at $20.

This program comes just as the New York vaccination began to dip. Spectrum Local News reported on Thursday that Cuomo spoke on the vaccination rate dropping by 43 per cent.

For New Yorkers 18 years old and older, over 53 per cent have been fully vaccinated against the virus, but there is still a long way to go.

New York is not the only state to experiment with incentive programs to encourage vaccinations.

Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey is offering the slightly less appealing prize of free wine and a free dinner with him and his wife, while Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is also conducting a lottery, offering Ohio natives $1 million in scholarship money or prizes for getting a dose of the vaccine.

Cuomo is still embroiled in an impeachment investigation from the state’s attorney general and a federal investigation into how he dealt with the stats on Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes amid other scandals.

The Washington Post released a story on Thursday about Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor, and brother to the governor. The outlet states that Cuomo advised his brother and other senior staff members on the best way to respond to the sexual harassment allegations that led to the impeachment investigation.

The New York State $5 million lottery program will run from Monday, May 24, 2021, to Friday, May 28, 2021. The tickets will be available for people at 10 vaccination sites across the state, including Buffalo, Syracuse, Yonkers, The Bronx, and Brooklyn.

For more information on New York State’s ‘Vax & Scratch’ program, click here.

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