9 times the media tried to convince you ghosts are real

This week we have been treated to an incredible story about a "haunted suicide bridge" for dogs in Scotland. And we mean literally incredible.

"#WEIRD" indeed, Mirror. "#WEIRD" indeed.

As a tribute to all the poor Scottish dogs led to an untimely supernatural demise (note: satire), we've put together some of the best instances in which the mainstream media tried and failed to convince you that paranormal activity is a real thing. You may or may not be surprised to learn that quite a few of these stories come from the Daily Star:

1. The Sunday Sport knows how to give a classy salute.

2. These obviously real pictures should be enough to convince anyone to stay away from Cannock Chase.

3. The Star also alerted the world when the horrifying black-eyed ghost children started terrorising famous people.

4. Just because Ke$ha says she had sex with a ghost doesn't mean she did, New York Daily News.

5. Wait... how did this get here?

6. Body shaming ghosts are the worst. Even if they are Princess Diana.

7. Jacko's tortured soul just can't rest in peace.

8. This ghost wanted to serve the living sandwiches, apparently.

9. Et tu, Auntie?

PSA: Ghosts aren't real. But then what do we know.

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