A boy called this four-year-old girl ugly. She had the perfect comeback

Siahj Chase might only be four but she's clearly wise beyond her years. That's if this video posted on Facebook by her mother, Sonya, is anything to go by.

In the clip, Siahj recounts what happened when a classmate commented on her looks - and her perfect put down.

Sonya, who calls her daughter Cici, told the Huffington Post her child has "always been quick on her feet", adding: "She's sharp .... very active, talkative".

What happened in school today?

  • Sonya, her mother

A little boy said I look ugly

  • Siahj

What did you say?

  • Sonya

I said 'I didn't come here to make fashion statements. I came here to learn, not look pretty.'

  • Siahj

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