AOC calls out the sexist double standards of Trump's '$70,000 hair styling'
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pointed out the double standards in the way people reacted to her haircut versus Trump's style regime.

While hosting The Apprentice, Trump allegedly spent $70,000 on his hair which he wrote off as business expenses according to The New York Times. He also allegedly paid more than $95,000 to Ivanka Trump's favourite hair stylist.

AOC, on the other hand, spent $250 of her own money on a haircut and lowlights last year.

I bet you can guess which one received greater criticism from Republicans.

As AOC put it, she received a "firehose of hatred" for splashing out on the $80 cut and $170 colour for her birthday.

At the time, The Washington Timesquoted president of Americans for Limited Government Richard Manning as saying she was "preaching socialism while living the life of the privileged". Similar jibes were printed in other newspapers.

Ocasio-Cortez hit back, saying "they're just mad we look good doing it".

She also pointed out that Republicans seemed to care less about Mike Pence spending $600,000 of taxpayers's money to visit Trump's golf courses than they did about her haircut.

Of course, AOC was targeted with this manufactured 'scandal' because its authors don't like her politics. But it's also telling that it centred on her appearance as a woman of colour.

Women, and particularly BAME women, in politics and in general are scrutinised and pressurised relentlessly to look and dress a certain way.

Rather than demanding to know why AOC spent so much on her hair, shouldn't we be asking why women's haircuts are so expensive?

Or maybe we should just ask ourselves why we care at all?

As AOC noted, she's busy advancing Medicare for All and her Green New Deal.

Her hair shouldn't really matter. After all, it's not like she spent thousands of (allegedly) untaxed dollars maintaining it.

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