This man perfectly summed up the problem with racist reactions to mass shootings

Josh Withey@josh_withey
Thursday 15 June 2017 09:45
Picture:(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, a gunman opened fire on a group of Republican congressmen who were practising for a charity baseball game.

Congressman Steve Scalise was shot in the hip and is said to be in a critical condition in hospital, following the apparently very deliberate attack on some of the most powerful politicians in America.

The gunman, now identified as James T Hodgkinson of Illinois, was killed during a fire fight with the police.

The 66-year-old had reportedly previously campaigned for Senator Bernie Sanders during his bid to become the Democratic party's nomination for President of the United States.

A Facebook account that has been reportedly linked to Hodgkinson features a number of anti-Trump and anti-Republican posts.

President Trump described the attack as a "very, very brutal assault."

In the wake of other recent attacks - such as the ones in London, Manchester and Orlando - the Muslim community and its leadership immediately condemned the actions of someone practising a perverted version of Islam.

Hodgkinson was white and apparently a big fan of left wing policies.

So in the wake of this particular attack, Twitter user Mikel Jolett decided to make a rather important point.

He later clarified that if the man who had committed this crime was Muslim, 'we'd be calling this an act of terrorism'.

Hi point has struck a chord with people online.

Writer Shaun King also had this to say.

Bernie Sanders said in a statement following the attack.

I am sickened by this despicable act. Let me be as clear as I can be. Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.

One person attempted to undo Jolett's logic...

And failed pretty miserably.

Jolett is presumably referencing Trayvon Martin here, the unarmed 17-year-old who was shot to death by neighbourhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on 26 February, 2012.

Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder but was acquitted by a jury in 2013.

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