Andrew Tate asked if he 'condemns Hamas' during Piers Morgan interview

Andrew Tate asked if he 'condemns Hamas' during Piers Morgan interview
Andrew Tate calls out Jordan Peterson on Israel-Palestine conflict
Andrew Tate

Piers Morgan is set to interview Andrew and his brother Tristian in a world exclusive interview from Romania that is set to air on Monday on Piers Uncensored.

Tate was arrested in December 2022 on allegations of rape, human trafficking and organised crime and was released for jail in August and has been under house arrest in Romania ever since.

This will be Tate's first major interview with a broadcaster since he spoke to the BBC in June. It's also the first time that Tate will have been interviewed since the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalated in October.

Tate has been outspoken in his support of Palestine, condemning the bombing of Gaza and clashing with the likes of Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro for their backing of Israel.

As has become customary during interviews with Palestine supporters on major broadcasters, they are often asked if they condemn Hamas and the terrorist organisers attack on Israel on October 7th.

After hyping the interview with Tate on X/Twitter, Morgan was asked if he asked Tate if he condemned Hamas. Morgan confirmed that he did indeed but didn't reveal what Tate said.

We'll just have to wait and see what the answer will be when the interview airs on TalkTV on Monday.

Morgan interviewed Tate previously in October 2022 where he was grilled on his 'toxic masculinity' persona and accusations of mysogny.

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