Vaccinations seem like a no brainer when it comes to protecting your children from disease.

However, somewhere along the line, some people have up and decided that actually receiving these vaccinations is what causes the problems.

Somehow, the anti-vax movement is burgeoning on, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is causing a rise in preventable illnesses such as measles and whooping chough.

One mother has taken to the internet to share the troubling story of her unvaccinated son, sick in hospital after he contracted whooping cough from her unvaccinated daughter.



The entire post reads:

We all want to do what's right for our kids. I am a real mom who doesn't vaccinate. My son is currently 2 months old. I'm in the hospital with him right now. He is positive for pertussis and they are telling me he got it from my unvaccinated daughter. I have been mom shamed all day but stood my ground on our beliefs. Has anyone else's child got some horrible diseases because they don't vaccinate? Please comment. My baby is really suffering and it's horrible to watch. I need some encouragement I did the right thing.

People online have pretty strong feelings about this and these replies on Reddit drive home the simple, easy point that you should just vaccinate your children.

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