Baby Shark played all night by officials to stop homeless people sleeping in pavilion


One of the most irritating songs of the internet is 'Baby Shark', and a Florida town has decided to use it to drive homeless people away.

City officials in West Palm Beach launched a new plan that has the song, along with 'Raining Tacos', play on an overnight loop in an effort to stop the city’s homeless population from sleeping on its Lake Pavilion.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the venue is estimated to bring in some $240,000 (£192,312) to the beach, and having homeless people there is an 'eyesore'.

Jennifer Ferriol, director of housing and community development, told the Post: “It has been effective and is a temporary measure to make the area accessible for those who have rented the facility and for future events

We are not forcing individuals to stay on the patio of the pavilion to listen to music. The music is heard only if you are on the patio, a very small area relative to the rest of the waterfront.

City spokeswoman Kathleen Walter added that the city plays the song to prevent “congregating at the building” and to "encourage people to seek safer, more appropriate shelter".

She added:

The music volume complies with city code, and is a temporary measure, as we are exploring the possibility of having set hours for the Great Lawn and Pavilion.

People online don't think this is an act of altruism.

And others wondered why the city didn't help the homeless instead.

Homeless people have criticised the decision to play the songs.

Illaya Champion told the Post that he still sleeps outside Lake Pavilion despite the noise.

“I still lay down in there. But it's on and on, the same songs.”

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