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Black Mirror is a series often terrifying, bleak and often far too close to home for comfort.

Especially for people in Turkey wo were pretty shocked after receiving threatening direct messages on their country's version of Reddit, Ekşi Sözlük.

The messages from 'iamwaldo' - a reference to Black Mirror episode 'The Waldo Moment' - were reportedly meant to promote the fourth season of Black Mirror, a show that specialises in a dystopian look at technology.

Instead, the alleged ploy understandably spooked people into thinking they really were in a technological nightmare.

No wonder, as the messages reportedly read:

we know what you're up to 

watch and see what we'll do 

According to Gizmodo, Netflix is responsible for the campaign, though the company has not confirmed this.

indy100 has contacted Netflix for comment.

Some people think the alleged marketing campaign is clever and funny.

But others point out the danger of preying on people's fears, especially given some of those may have conditions such as anxiety disorders.

Others consider the stunt as particularly tone deaf given the martial law declared in Turkey following a military coup in July last year.

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