People are shocked to find themselves agreeing with Boris Johnson's thoughts on anti-vaxxers

Greg Evans
Friday 24 July 2020 10:30

It's rare that the British public (the part on Twitter, at least) finds itself agreeing with Boris Johnson, but his views on anti-vaxxers appears to have won widespread support.

During a trip to a GP surgery in London, the prime minister branded anti-vaxxers "nuts" while talking to nurses at the facility.

This comes after the government announced that they want 30 million people aged over 50 and under 11 to get a flu jab as part of the largest vaccination programme ever, as the UK prepares for a possible second wave of coronavirus.

This unprecedented outburst from the prime minister against those opposed to getting vaccinations of any kind has actually seen a lot of people agreeing with the PM on social media, which is a very rare occurrence indeed, even if some didn't quite approve of his wording.

Early tests on a Covid-19 vaccination created by Oxford University have proven positive but there are fears that it could still be rejected by members of the public should it be found to be acceptable for widespread use.

A poll released by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has found that at least one in four Brits would be willing to take a vaccine against coronavirus or are still undecided.

Earlier this week the health secretary Matt Hancock also hit out at anti-vaxxers accusing them of spreading lies and "threatening lives" something which the shadow health secretary John Ashworth echoed when he said they were spreading a "poisonous anti-vax propaganda."