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If you're in a relationship, be warned. It's break up season.

This is according to a new study of 1,600 users on Australian dating website RedHotPie, which found that break ups were likely to spike around Christmas.

71 per cent of women and 56 per cent of men would rather break up with their partner if they're "not that into them", than introduce them to their family during the festive season.

Relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein told News.com.au:

As we get towards the end of the year, we start reflecting on the year that’s been.

It feels chaotic, it feels crazy and people do start to reflect.

So I actually think that would impact why people break up more now, because when you get to that early January/February part of year, you’re getting your life on track and you’re feeling good about yourself, you don’t want to be in a crappy relationship.

She continued:

Breakups are not always a bad thing because you might be in a relationship that isn’t healthy or isn’t right for you.

Take the time to work out: Are you freaking out unnecessarily, or are you rationally analysing life?

RedHotPie dating and relationship expert, Mark Rosenfeld said:

The reality is we all want connection, but if we choose someone we know is not right for us and are too afraid to have that tough conversation, this end-of-year period is when it comes back to bite us.

You can go one of two routes: break up and find Mr or Ms Right, or realise your relationship is worth saving and look at other avenues for extra-curricular validation.

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