Brexit: Arron Banks called out after claiming 'nearly all small business owners' want to leave the EU

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By now we are well aware that many Brexiteers have told more than a few fibs in their time and you would think that they might be starting to get a little bored of the whole thing.

Alas, Brexiteers are gonna Brexit and at this time we would like to wish a warm 'welcome back' to Arron Banks, the co-founder of Leave.EU and Nigel Farage's mate, who definitely won't be part of The Brexit Party.

Banks hasn't had too much to say for himself since Brexit was pushed back to the end of October but he is back with a vengeance to call out those treacherous 'Remainer MPs' who are defying 'the will of the people'.

One particular MP who has gotten Banks back up is the education secretary Nicky Morgan, who posted a tweet on Sunday encouraging business owners to join the Tories and prevent the hard Brexiteer Boris Johnson from becoming prime minister.

This is part of a Tory initiative called 'One Nation', which is attempting to save the Conservative party from being hijacked by rebel MP like the aforementioned Boris Johnson.

However, Mr Banks without any source point or reference responded to the MP for Loughborough and boldly stated that "small business owners are nearly all pro-Brexit".

Banks' claim comes with virtually no proof as, back in December, the UK's top business groups issued a joint statement lamenting the chaotic negotiations that have unfolded thus far with some business owners adding that Brexit has already cost them thousands.

You probably don't need us to tell you what happened next, but the inevitable shut down of Banks' tweet soon commenced, with many people calling him out for stating something that just isn't true.

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