Brexit: Someone left the lyrics to a 'Brexit hymn' on a train and honestly it's a bit much

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images and John Allison/Twitter

There’s a Brexit hymn.

Twitter user and comic book creator John Allison found the offending article of paper the song sheet on a train, and called it "one of the most astonishing things I have ever happened across".


Written by an anonymous Brexiteer, the song beats its proud chest and talks of "bright horizons [and] golden future".

It’s not like the health secretary admitted the government is stockpiling medicine and blood in case of a no-deal or anything.

It’s not like women could lose ‘fundamental rights’ and funding for domestic violence services because of Brexit.

It's not like the government has been anything but strong and stable with key Brexiteers leaving the cabinet left, right and centre...

(Giphy )

The song advises that ‘trade is the thing’ and calls Scotland – who voted to remain – a ‘bitter voice’ that won’t be listened to.

Wales is also in that category, even though they voted Leave...

The tweet has generated much discussion on Twitter, and many people were confused about its origins...

For those who wanted to hear it in all its melodic glory, musician Nick Harvey has you covered...

Mostly, however, the hymn was a bit much.

We have questions, least of which is: did Nancy get her solo?

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