Man stopped from entering a pub in Union Jack suit and people are divided on why


A man who walked into a pub dressed top to toe in a Union Jack suit was told to leave, prompting fierce debate online.

The unnamed man is thought to have tried to entering the Magpie & Stump pub near the Old Bailey in London, was refused entry.

It is unclear the exact reason why the older man was refused entry, however a man who took a video of the incident claimed it was because of what he was wearing.

Twitter user @Smith13Un uploaded the clip online, and said: “They won’t let him in the pub cos he’s dressed like that.”

This is the state of our country. Absolute joke. Won’t let him in cos he’s got a Union flag suit on. Yeah and if you claim, you’re kicking off. So none of us can go in now.

What has happened to this country, people?

He should be welcomed in. He should be the first one welcomed in. He should get a free drink. Jesus Christ, I’m embarrassed to be British, I really am.

Off camera, a woman can be heard saying, “it’s disgusting.”

The video clip has been viewed over 300,000 times and people are split, with some arguing that wearing a union jack is a political statement and, as it has been linked to racism, is offensive.

Lots of people in the comments section were offended that the man was refused entry

Would Geri Halliwell have been rejected?

Some people argued that the Union Jack flag has become associated with "racism and bigotry" - it's no surprise the pub didn't want to be associated with it

And the pub had a right to refuse him entry

Others argued that he was dressed to provoke

"He looks like he's in fancy dress"

And people argue it's up to the pub who it lets in

There's also this guy, who doesn't know what "irony" means

Indy100 has contacted Magpie & Stump for comment.

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