Theresa May appears to have been taking inspiration from 90s comedy.

Despite being defeated three times in parliament, the prime minister keeps insisting that her Brexit deal is a good deal for Britain.

And some people have noticed an eerie similarity to an old Fry & Laurie sketch.

In the full sketch, Stephen Fry plays a politician called Nigel Pargetter who is announcing that the British government has been bought by Honda.

When a reporter asks Fry’s character about the effect on unemployment from the plan, he shouts back:

Oh, what about unemployment?! You people are obsessed, aren’t you? Every time a new idea comes along, some change, which might do this country a bit of good, it’s always ‘What about unemployment?’

Change the bleeding record, can’t you? Yes, there will be some unemployment.

It all sounds scarily familiar to anyone who’s listened to May speeches over the past year.

People couldn’t believe how accurate the sketch was...

At this point, she might as well let Fry & Laurie write the speeches for her.

May’s Brexit deal is still one of the few things Remainers and Leavers can agree on - almost everyone agrees it's definitely not a "good deal for Britain".

But somehow, she's still trying to come up with a new way to bring it back to parliament.

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