Far-right group Britain First pranked with faked list of ‘migrant hotels’

Far-right group Britain First pranked with faked list of ‘migrant hotels’
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The Far-right group Britain First has been delightfully tricked by pro-migrant campaigners.

Posting on their website, the group revealed it was supplied with a list of hotels used by the Home Office to accommodate asylum seekers after it called for information about these sites so they could visit them and shout at those seeking refuge. What they didn’t know, was that the list was faked.

Group leader, Paul Golding said: “We have been all over the North West… to places which we suspect very very strongly were housing illegal immigrants.

“However there seems to a big change today”.

Brandishing a piece of paper, a perplexed Ashlea Simon – chair of the group - added: “As you can see here, I’ve got a long list of migrant hotels. I’ve had reports from the public and seen several news articles that these hotels on this list are definitely housing illegal immigrants.

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“When we visited these hotels, we [were] met with empty rooms, no illegal immigrants.”

This is because around 600 people provided decoy hotels to the group. Hotels on the fake list included the Dorchester on Park Lane, London and a pub hotel owned by an associate of Dominic Cummings.

Speaking to theGuardian, one activist said: “Paul Golding put out a request via the Britain First website so I contacted every like-minded person that I know to bombard Paul and Ashlea with as many hotel addresses in the north-west that had zero connections with housing asylum seekers and it worked a treat. They were most definitely taken in by this.

But it appeared Golding and Simon remained in the dark about the prank, as Golding went on to speculate that the “establishment” had changed government policy because they were “embarrassed” by negative publicity about the hotels.

Showing no logic, he said: “A logical conclusion that we can draw from that is that all of the videos… that we have been pumping out… have had a big effect on the establishment.”

Celebrating the successful prank, one activist clipped the video and said: “Big thanks to everyone who emailed Britain First and led Golding on today’s wild good (stepping) chase”.

Another said:

And Golding grumbled to the Guardian: “Yes, loads of bogus submissions were inputted by left-wing, pro-migrant activists, but these were filtered out very easily. The hotels we visited were 100 per cent being used – up until recently – to house illegal immigrants.”

Now, reacting to the coverage, Britain First have submitted a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) for “inaccuracy and deception”.

Oh, Paul, how embarrassing.

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