Can you pass a British citizenship test? 36 per cent of people can't

Fancy yourself as a true British citizen? Then put your credentials to the test.

The British citizenship test, also known as the 'Life in the UK test,' is the one test people must take in order to become a British citizen.

It is designed to test participants knowledge on a range of questions about British culture and history.

However, you must first pass an English language test, and it is required that you have spent a certain amount of time in the UK and not have any criminal convictions.

To take the full test you have to pay £50 and answer at least 75 per cent of the 24 questions correctly in order to pass.

Recently, the Manchester Evening News reported that 60 per cent of the 330 people who took the test in Oldham in 2016 failed.

In 2016, 125,925 tests were taken with 36 per cent of people failing.

If you think you've got what it takes to call yourself a Brit then we've put together a handy, miniature version of the quiz, using sample questions, which you can do right now.

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