Can you get more than 80 per cent on these fiendishly tricky dot tests?

A new join-the-dots puzzle is apparently leaving a lot of people stumped.

While it sounds simple in theory – it’s a children’s game after all – its creator Julie Richmond has claimed that just 20 per cent of people can get it completely right.

Originally posted on Playbuzz, it asks people to join the dots using a number of straight lines, which is arguably tougher than it looks.

Can you get more than 80 per cent and become a 'puzzle genius'? Try the quiz for yourself and see:

1. All the lines should connect together here.

2. Again, make sure the lines are connected.

3. The lines should all be touching here too.

4. It's getting tougher.

5. And finally, some' dot sudoku'.

Here are the answers:






So how did you do?

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