Church of Satan claims celebrity Satanist members are among them

Church of Satan claims celebrity Satanist members are among them
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The Church of Satan has claimed to be home to some high-profile, celebrity Satanists – but remain tight-lipped on their identities for security reasons.

Established in 1966, the Church of Satan abides by a strict privacy policy, particularly when it comes to putting non-members in contact with the establishment.

They acknowledge that Satanism is a controversial religion that draws backlash from the masses. Bill M, Magister of the Church of Satan, revealed to Indy100 he still receives "hate mail and the occasional death threat."

He called those not affiliated with the church "unknown" entities, adding: "realistically we cannot trust those whom we do not yet know."

Most of their members are "typically private" about their affiliations, including some of the church's "famous" members said to be involved with the Church of Satan.

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Bill M told Indy100 he's "met at least a few [celebrities] whom people would be surprised to know are Church of Satan members."

He says he's "pretty sure" there are even more whose "affiliation is still secret even from me."

"The ones who took me by surprise, once I thought about it more, weren't too surprising in the end," Bill M adds. "When I think about this person and what this person has said in interviews, I see now that they're definitely fellow Satanic Bible adherents.'"

Satanism is a strictly non-theistic religion that treats Satan as a metaphor that represents self-gratifying things "which religion has traditionally given the Devil's name".

These include: "Pride, lust, atheism, science, being selective about whom we love, putting oneself first, and so on."

"We are Satanists, not Satan worshipers," Bill M explains. "We believe that all deities, including Satan, are just the mythological inventions of humans."

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