7 signs your partner is cheating on you, according to the experts

7 signs your partner is cheating on you, according to the experts

There are few things more painful than the knowledge that the person who you are in love with is unfaithful.

People who had been cheated on took to Reddit to share their experiences.

Subjective though they may be, these were some of the common signs that indicated unfaithfulness:

1. Your significant other suddenly changing their behaviour

One of the things I'm not seeing listed here, and a lot of these are pretty good, is if you haven't changed your behaviour at all but suddenly they are paranoid/accusing about YOU cheating.


2. If there is a pattern of cheating

I agree with this too. One time is not enough to establish a pattern, there might have been special circumstances, you never know. But if someone has cheated on multiple partners before, then I will never date them.


3. Your significant other keeps accusing you of cheating

Right. Thieves check their locks. Scammers check their bank accounts. Cheaters check their partners.

People who do something wrong are always paranoid about the thing they do wrong happening to them.


4. 'Drip feeding'

When something originally innocuous gradually turns out to be less and less so.

I was out with the girls... I was out with a mixed group... actually it was Dave and his mates... actually it was just Dave... actually we weren't out, we were at his... nothing happened... okay we kissed... okay we slept together but it was just once... okay I've been f---ing him for a year...

Obviously it's obvious by the end, but the lesson is that by the second "drip" you can tell something is up, and it's going to turn out much worse. There are never only two drips.


5. A change in the way your SO deals with money

Going through a lot of money and not telling you where it's going [and] sudden increase in grooming/new clothes (may be irrelevant for certain personalities)


6. If your significant other doesn’t want to take pictures with you anymore

I was with someone for many years, and was blissfully unaware she had been cheating on me for an extended time. A number of months before she left me for one of her other guys, she stopped wanting to take pictures of us together. This was in the days of film cameras, and I didn't pick up on this sudden change in behaviour, because I hate having my picture taken and thought she was finally respecting my opinion, as well as saving a lot of money.

Despite that, I suggested we get a portrait done of us together, as I was planning on asking her to marry me, and thought it would be nice to have. I still clearly remember her telling me she thought it wasn't a good idea, because 'what if we ever split up?' It blew my mind.

7. And finally, if they're lying about where they are

I think, in my life, I am five to one in this category. Six times in my life, a SO has lied about where they were.

Five times, they were cheating. The other time, they were picking out a Valentine's gift for me.


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