Space experts monitoring Chinese rocket tell people to ‘relax’ as debris lands in Indian Ocean
AFP via Getty Images

Debris from a Chinese rocket which re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday morning has landed in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives, and space trackers have told people that they can finally “relax” about the whole thing.

LongMarch5B launched from the country’s Hainan island on 29 April, complete with one core stage and four boosters. It also lifted off with the unmanned Tianhe module, containing living quarters for a permanent Chinese space station.

In a tweet suggesting that the experts were bored with it all, wrote: “Everyone else following the #LongMarch5B re-entry can relax. The rocket is down. You can see all relevant information and updates here on Twitter/Facebook, so there is no need to keep visiting the space-track dot org website.”

While many were relieved at the news that the debris crashed into the ocean, rather than on land, some commented on the rather direct tone of Space-Track’s update:

Of course, memes followed, too:

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With space fans putting pressure on Space-Track’s servers and checking the website constantly for updates on the rocket’s re-entry, it looks like the debris wasn’t the only thing which crashed and burned on Sunday.

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