New Orleans authorities investigating a fire at Beyoncé and Jay Z’s home in the area think it could have been an arson attack, reports.

The blaze first erupted in the historical Garden District mansion on Wednesday, where firefighters uncovered books inside of the oven. Officials also found a gas canister inside of the house, leading authorities to believe that someone intentionally sparked the fire.

Neighbours told that police seemed to suspect someone had broken in shortly just before the fire began, while another, who requested not to reveal their identity, said that “people are known to use an unlocked gate to come onto and leave the property.”

Jacques Michelle, who also lives in the area, noted that she hadn’t seen anyone at the house in years. “Inside the house, I’ve never seen any activity in the two years I’ve been here,” she told “No activity at all.” Beyoncé has only owned the home since 2018.

Per the New Orleans Police Department, the mansion’s fire alarm was triggered at 6:20 p.m. on Wednesday, just as they received a call reporting a “suspicious person” one block away. Police have since concluded that the suspicious person call and fire are related, thus classifying the fire as arson.

While no one has been or lived in the home particularly recently, fire officials noted it had “working utilities.” They would not, however, comment on what may have been the cause behind the blaze.

Investigators were seen inside the abandoned home on Thursday, joined by the fire department, police department, and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The investigation is ongoing.

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