Commuters are putting storage boxes and plastic bags on their heads as coronavirus panic spreads

British people are known for their, err, eccentricity.

Given the coronavirus outbreak (not sure you've heard?) it was inevitable that some people would go to ridiculous measures to stop themselves for catching the virus.

But, quite honestly, even we weren’t prepared for how ridiculous some of the images of British commuters would be.

Behold, the person wearing an actual plastic box on her head…


And this legend who’s wearing a Tesco bag for life. Move over Batman, it's bagman to the rescue.

Given most people are told from an early age about the dangers of putting things like bags on our heads, it’s clearly a sign that people are looking for desperate measures.

There's really not much evidence to suggest that popular prevention methods like masks work. With regards to these hardcore commuters, there's also probably a fair amount of germs floating around in their plastic boxes and bags.

If you're worried about coronavirus and don't want to catch it, fair play, that seems smart. The best thing to do is to pay attention to the NHS guidelines, because they seem to know their stuff.

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