David Cameron criticised for his ‘audacity’ after boasting about volunteering at a food bank

David Cameron’s legacy isn’t exactly glowing.

As prime minister, he brought in a decade of austerity. And let's not forget he was the man who called the Brexit referendum.

But rather than retire into obscurity, he’s still about, voicing his opinion and giving interviews.

His latest media appearance hasn’t gone down too well though.

During a Thursday appearance on Times Radio Cameron shared that he was now volunteering with his local foodbank.

“I worked for the Chipping Norton Food Bank actually one or two days a week, which was great to do something to help people who were really isolated and stuck at home,” he said.

But people quickly pointed out that it was Cameron’s own policies which helped exacerbate the demand for foodbanks in the UK.

Leading foodbank the Trussell Trust handed out 41,000 food packs in 2009-10, the year Cameron came to power.

By 2016, when he exited office, that number had risen to 1.2m.

In March 2020, the Trussell Trust handed out 50,000 food parcels in the space of a week.

So the irony of Cameron volunteering at such a service was not missed.

People were bemused at his lack of self-awareness.

Coupled with Cameron’s comments earlier in the week where he praised austerity, it didn’t go down too well.

David Cameron appearing at your time of need… a horrible thought.

Maybe Cameron needs to return to his shed and do some self-reflection.

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