The 12 most cutting responses to David Hockney’s new Tube art

David Hockney’s ‘Hockney Circus’ artwork in Piccadilly Circus
David Hockney’s ‘Hockney Circus’ artwork in Piccadilly Circus

New artwork for the London Underground made by David Hockney has been brutally mocked online.

The artwork, which was shared on social media by mayor Sadiq Khan, is meant to celebrate London and encourage tourists, but it didn’t get the best reaction from people.

Khan said it was the first of “a series of major arts projects”, worryingly, and we are anxious to see what is up his sleeve next.

Here are 12 of the most withering reactions to Hockney’s handiwork.

Some, including mayoral rival Count Binface laughed about the ‘s’ in ‘Piccadilly Circus’ being plonked underneath the sign:

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Others speculated that the project was done at speed:

Or perhaps by a child:

Some people knocked up their own versions:

And Specsavers couldn’t understand Khan’s enthusiasm:

Hockney is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century so maybe he made this tube art on 1 April or voted for Laurence Fox.

It comes as part of Khan’s ‘Let’s Do London’ campaign, which, according to his comments in the Metro, means “banging the drum for London to attract jobs, tourism and investment to our city. And it means backing our businesses – large and small.”

“Focused on providing immediate and vital support to our world-famous cultural, nightlife, retail and hospitality businesses, ‘Let’s Do London’ will seek to tempt domestic visitors – and Londoners – back into the heart of our city.”

London is pretty great and boasts a lot more to it than access to Microsoft Paint so perhaps Hockney’s work isn’t needed to get people to the capital.

But who are we to judge. After all:

It really is.

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