Here's the definitive proof Jeremy Corbyn's cat 'El Gato' is a socialist mastermind

Even Jeremy Corbyn's detractors were entertained by an off-piste anecdote that appeared in an Independent on Sundayinterview with the Labour party leader last month.

As well as finding out Corbyn can't sing, we also learned he never got around to naming his pet cat:

It's a black and white cat. I always call it 'El Gato', which is just Spanish for cat. When I see the cat I say, 'Buenos dias, El Gato'.

Actually, cats don't know their name, cats know voices. What he does respond to when I ask him to come in, is the tune of 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree'. I whistle to it. I can't sing, you see.

People loved it.

Well, most people.

El Gato has entered British public consciousness at the same time the US presidential race has started heating up.

Outsider Bernie Sanders proved in Iowa on Monday that he's going to give Hillary Clinton a run for her money to secure the Democrat nomination ahead of November's election.

There are several parallels between Sanders and Corbyn, who both lingered for years on the left-wing fringes of their respective parties before being propelled into mainstream politics.

And one Twitter user has spotted something else the pair have in common.

El Gato - or a cat suspiciously alike El Gato - is a friend to both men.

Coincidence? We think not.

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