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Trump's UK state visit has been quite the occasion, but let's not forget that the rest of the Trump family were also in town.

One of the Trump offspring that didn't want anyone to forget that he was in London was Donald Trump Jr, who was in attendance with the rest of his siblings for the state banquet on Monday evening. And didn't they look marvellous...

Trump Jr didn't opt to share that image of him and the rest of his family. No, he instead chose this one which is probably as awkward a picture that we've ever seen of someone.

We have so many questions. Why is he on his own? Was this the best picture he could get of Buckingham Palace? What is he doing with his arms? Is he as an uncomfortable in a tuxedo as his dad?

We're not in the position to begrudge anyone being delighted at the prospect of being in the presence of royalty, but this picture is just a little too odd. And, given that it is from Trump Jr, people were more than happy to ridicule him.

Does he know how to use an iron or even heard of one?

Others questioned exactly why Don Jr was there as he, after all, is not a member of the current White House administration.

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