The first thing Donald Trump did the day after he axed the Paris climate deal is disgusting

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Climate change is one of the most important issues facing the human race. I say this with no exaggeration.

Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising (and warming) killing off food sources and destroying our habitat. The human race's habitat.

To try and combat this slow but steady decent into global chaos, death and destruction, countries around the world agreed to limit their carbon emissions in a bid to prevent global warming.

The goal, the hope, was that these nations could come together to keep the planet from warming by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

The United States agreed to reduce their greenhouse gasses under the Obama administration. They planned to achieve this by using affordable renewable energy along with natural gas.

This agreement has now been rendered moot after Donald Trump announced that America would be withdrawing from the agreement.

His decision throws conservation work and environmental efforts into disarray. And he's been criticised on all sides by scientists, politicians, journalists and the American people.

That doesn't seem to have bothered him though -The day after he announced that he would be taking America out of the agreement, Mr Trump retweeted this article posted by Fox and Friends.

The article in the tweet is titled: "Wall Street hits record highs after Trump pulls out of Climate pact"

And details:

  • A private section employment report showing additional jobs added in May (before Trump announced his plans on Paris)
  • Forecasts of 185,000 nonfarm jobs created in May (before Trump announced his plans on Paris)
  • More data from a separate study which reportedly shows factory activity on the rise after a slump in May (before Trump announced his plans on Paris)
  • And then a breakdown of gains across the Dow Jones - notably in farming and construction and a cyber security firm.
  • They also detailed a drop for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

They make no reference to Trump's climate change plans or the impact his announcement has had on the markets. This is likely to come later.

In fact, the headline for the article reads: Wall Street hits record highs as economy seen accelerating.

In the 496 word article; Neither Paris, climate or Trump is mentioned.

He then went on to retweet multiple other accounts that only told him what he wanted to hear.

Putting the environment and the future of the entire global population at risk, seemingly for the sake of popularity, is another dark note to add to Mr Trump's time as the 45th President of the United States.

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