Drivers could be hit with fine for having a messy car

Drivers could be hit with fine for having a messy car
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Motorists can apparently be fined up to £100 for having a car full of clutter.

Although there is no fine for having a mucky interior in particular, Halford car cleaning buyer Jamie Louram has warned that if your car has enough clutter it could potentially fall under the careless driving rule, leading to a fine of up to £100.

Louram said it’s a good idea to keep rubbish out of your car to avoid any dangerous situations, such as things blocking your view or getting stuck under the brake pedal, according to The Express.

If you’re a messy motorist, keeping a small bin in your car should help to organise the chaos.

Having a muddy exterior can also lead to a fine of up to £1,000 according to the paper.

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Number plates should be fully visible at all times, and windscreens should be clear.

One of the key things to check are your mirrors, Louram said.

“It’s crucial to check that your mirrors are clean and clear every time you use your car, as anything that may obstruct your vision will make it dangerous to drive,” he said.

And having a dirty windscreen can apparently lead to a fine of up to £100, too, he said. This is because it can impact your view of the road ahead, and may be seen as careless driving.

If you find your motor gets mucky quickly, there are a few things you can do to keep your car spick and span.

Store a pack of wipes in your car to mop up spills and keep your surfaces gleaming, and keep your glove box and boot organised.

If you needed more motivation to give your car a quick clean, a recent study found that the inside of your car is dirtier than the average toilet.


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