Bizarre viral DIY craft video shows how to make an egg 'bigger than before'

Bizarre viral DIY craft video shows how to make an egg 'bigger than before'

Everyone loves a good homemade, five-minute craft video. Sure, you’re never going to actually make that adorable fairy-light holder, or seashell-encrusted picture frame, but it is fun to watch a sped-up video of someone else making one.

But the latest tutorial capturing the attention of the internet is nothing other than utterly bizarre.

A DIY-video (if you can even class it as that) from popular site 5-Minute Crafts has resurfaced and everyone is completely baffled. The site is known for its tongue-in-cheek videos, but this one has taken things to a whole new level.

In the video, the classic DIY floating hand puts an egg into a wine glass and adds vinegar. The next instruction is to then wait one day (so I guess that’s five minutes out of the window already), and then remove the egg - which will then be “bigger than before”.

Next you put the egg in a glass full of maple syrup and wait one more day. When you take it out it will, again, be “bigger than before”.

Finally, you put your ever-so-slightly larger egg into a glass of water filled with blue dye and wait one day. When you remove it, the egg will be - you guessed it - “bigger than before”. And an unnatural shade of blue.

The final result? A slightly bigger, very blue egg. Definitely worth the three-day wait.

As is expected, the internet has absolutely lost it over this egg-cellent video.

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