Elon Musk suggests that Democrats would kill Trump if they had a time machine

Elon Musk suggests that Democrats would kill Trump if they had a time machine
Trump lashes out at prosecutor and judge during first speech after indictment

Elon Musk has been posting bizarre memes again, this time sharing an image suggesting that Democrats would kill Trump if they had a time machine.

It comes following Trump’s arrest in New York. He becomes the first former US president to be indicted on criminal charges, which relate to hush-money he paid back in 2016.

The 76-year-old is accused of falsifying business records in an attempt to cover up extramarital affairs he’d allegedly had with Playboy model Karen McDougal and porn star Stormy Daniels.

Naturally, the news sparked a huge reaction on social media, with memes coming in left, right and centre after the news was announced.

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One of the strangest, though, came from Musk.

The Twitter CEO posted an image of a younger Trump, which featured the quote: “‘Why do time travellers keep trying to kill me? I’m just a realtor!’ - Donald Trump, 1980.”

Musk added the caption: “If the Dem Party had a time machine.”

While the meme doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, it’s not the first time Trump has been linked to time travel online. In fact, there are some conspiracy theorists out there who believe that the former president and his family are actual time travellers.

It’s all linked back to the sci-fi books written by Lockwood Ingersoll which date back to the late 19th century. There are three books in the series, which have coincidental links to Trump’s life. The main character is called Baron Trump, and Trump has a son named Barron.

In one of the stories, there’s a plot line that sees people in New York protest against a presidential candidate in early November. Coincidentally, Trump won the election on November 8 in 2016. There’s also a reference to the “Fifth Avenue Hotel” being targeted by the mob in the books. Trump Tower is found on 5th avenue.

Regardless of the conspiracy, the meme Musk posted is pretty bizarre – but then again, Musk and Trump have had a strange relationship over recent years.

Trump hit out at the Twitter CEO in a series of posts on his social media network, Truth Social, back in 2022 following a tweet from the Tesla titan saying it was time for Trump to "sail into the sunset."

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Trump was clearly hurt by the comment and drafted a three-part post aimed at Musk's "electric cars that don't drive long enough driverless cars that crash, or rocket ships to nowhere."

He also claimed Musk was a "big Trump fan" and that he could have made Musk beg on his knees for help on his projects.

Then, later in the year, Trump reacted to a poll on Twitter posted by Musk. More than 17 million Twitter users voted after the billionaire posted a poll asking whether or not he should quit as boss of the platform, with 57.5 per cent voting “Yes”.

The former president reacted to the news, claiming that the Twitter CEO actually wants to quit the social media platform.

“I think he wants to step down, I think that’s a good way of stepping down, you know just lose in a poll and say ‘I’m out of here’,” Trump told Chanel Rion of far-right cable network One America News.

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